Steven R. Wilkins Optometrist

 Save time and print your paperwork before your appointment!  

 It's easy! Just click on the form, select "Open", print, and complete!

 *Microsoft Word program will be required in order to access the paperwork. Some modifications to the page parameters may need to be made.

Please note-As a patient, you have the right to obtain a copy of the HIPPA/Notice of Privacy Practices policy.         If you have any questions, please call the office or ask our staff upon arrival of your appointment.

HIPPA form 2011.doc HIPPA form 2011.doc
Size : 41 Kb
Type : doc
Financial Responsibility Form.doc Financial Responsibility Form.doc
Size : 38 Kb
Type : doc
Medical Insurance Form.doc Medical Insurance Form.doc
Size : 35 Kb
Type : doc
Size : 28.091 Kb
Type : docx
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